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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  July 27, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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character, it's all about the performance. >> here it is, week 10, top 10 goes on tour. make sure to check it out. it's going to be amazing. >> reporter: in hollywood, adam housely, fox news. the news keeps coming tonight. here's brian now with the news edge at 11:00. off the top tonight, prince georges county police say they have two men they believe are responsible for stealing $70,000 worth of copper. police say the men were running their theft ring by operating in plain sight. wisdom martin joins us to explain. >> reporter: brian, this investigation started when a local power company noticed thousands of dollars had been stolen so they called police and it turns out the people who took the copper were working for the power company at that time. the men loading this truck are actual contract workers for pepco but police say they caught them red handed stealing copper on the job.
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44-year-old james price and anthony tate have been arrested in connection with the theft and sale of over $70,000 worth of copper. >> both were involved in a scheme where they were stealing copper wires which belonged to pepco. >> reporter: police say the two suspects were two contract workers with rockingham construction company contracted by pepco to complete urpd ground wiring at multiple sites. >> while we were working, they were obtaining copper wire that was provided to them by pepco but they would take the wire, load the company truck, go to another vehicle which was personally owned by them, load their truck, and then they would go to a recycling facility where they would sell that copper wiring. >> reporter: fox 5 has been showing you for months how stolen copper is actually big business on the black market. in june in this surveillance video, two suspects take two loads of copper gutters from a home, load it into a van and drive away in 4 1/2 minutes. >> we were shocked. we were hoping that we got lucky
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and got them on the tape, but we were amazed at the brazenness of it. >> reporter: that the same month in prince georges county at the shopping plaza, copper crooks stole the copper out of the air conditioners at the beauty school and several other businesses, and in may, there were thieves stealing copper from underground sites throughout dc city locations. >> for us this is new, however, because they're targeting our infrastructure and actually taking copper wire out of our electrical conduit. >> reporter: as far as these two copper suspects arrested in prince georges county, we spoke with a manager at the rockingham construction company who would only say this is an ongoing investigation and they can't comment any further at this time. >> now, as far as police are concerned, this is an ongoing investigation, and right now, detectives are trying to see how far back this copper theft ring goes and if there are possibly other people involved, brian. >> wisdom martin tonight. with crime on the rise, dc police are taking more steps to reign it in in adams morgan.
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new parking restrictions were announced tonight, as well as plans to start inspecting clubs along 18th street. matt ackland has the latest from adams morgan. >> reporter: brian, so the plan is to basically eliminate all parking here along 18th street in adams morgan for about two blocks. the time frame that we're talking about on friday and saturday night is 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. police are hoping that this will cut down not only on jaywalking, but also on people just hanging out, some of them hanging out in the streets. the new parking restrictions were not welcome by everyone. some business owners worry that restricting parking could keep customers away, but there are other owners who backed up the plan saying that police are taking swift action, and they need the backing of business owners as they tried to reduce crime. also, police announced they will be working with the department of public works and the fire marshal. the fire marshal will inspect clubs after numerous complaints
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of overcrowding. >> we're getting complaints and complaints and complaints about places being overcrowded, as well as allowing individuals consume too much alcohol and come out onto the streets. >> reporter: we should tell you that the police captain who held this meeting in adams morgan tonight said all of these plans are not etched in stone. he's willing to move some of the plans around. but as it stands at this point, he plans to implement these two policies starting on friday night. in adams morgan, matt ackland, fox 5 news. the son of dc council man marrian barry pleaded guilty to gun charges. he pleaded guilty of marijuana charges and pcp. investigators say the younger barry jumped out of the window and ran when officers arrived. sentencing is in september. the casey anthony trial sparking another push to change the law. this time, the judge wants the florida legislature to change
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the state's public records law. judge perry wants to keep the names of jurors on high-profile cases a secret. they have delayed releasing the names from the casey anthony trial until october. in illinois, new evidence in a murder case more than 60 years old, they're exhuming the body of a 6-year-old girl in 1957. jack mcculla has been matched with the description. mcculla maintains his innocence. new images of the dual attacks in norway. laura evans is everywhere at 11:00. >> brian, there's new surveillance video from inside a store in downtown oslo. take a look. you see people shopping when there's an explosion blowing out the front window. it's the first of the two attacks. meanwhile, outside oslo today, police destroyed explosives found at a farm rented by the suspect breivik.
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investigators believe he made his bomb using fertilizers bought under the cover that he was a farmer. british authorities are putting pressure on moammar ghadafi and the libyan forces. the crisis now in its fifth month. the ntc, national transition council, are pleased with this announcement. rebels control eastern libya and pockets in the west and ghadafi clinging to power in the capital. new designs unveiled for medals to be handed out at the 2012 games in london. they have on them, london's river 10 and the winged goddess of nike. laura, halloween is months away, but this family thought this man had had a heart attack and was taken to a morg.
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he woke up screaming and they could not believe he was alive. prosecutors are investigating. how the trouble on capitol hill could hit close to home with the debt ceiling. and is showing calorie accounts in fast food going to affect the way people order? check out that and other stories on our run-down. news edge at 11:00 will be right back. 
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>> we're following breaking news from northeast. this is video just back from the scene of a stabbing. according to police, two women were hurt along edgewood street earlier tonight, one taken by ambulance to the hospital. we don't know how bad the injuries are or what led to the stabbing. we have a crew on the scene and will bring more details as we get it. the latest on the debt
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ceiling debate. tomorrow could be a make or break moment for the house republican plan. john boehner is expected to bring his deficit reduction bill to a vote. it would cut about $900 billion from the federal budget over the next 10 years. president obama is threatening a veto saying the bill is a short-term fix. states are bracing for back lash if they can't make a deal. melanie alnwick shows us maryland and virginia are among five states that have been warned if the nation's credit goes down, theirs goes down with it. >> reporter: just like you might use a credit card to fund a big purchase, local governments take out credit too to finance big projects. >> capital projects such as the renovation of schools or building new schools, building new fire stations, transportation projects. >> reporter: fairfax county chairman sharon bolivan explains they're called bond sales. a county or a state asks investors for money and promises
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to pay them back with interest. their bond rating just like their credit score determines how much interest they'll pay. >> because their bond rating is so good, we are able to finance debt with very low interest rate. >> reporter: now, imagine if suddenly your bank jacked your interest rate, you might not be able to afford everything on your shopping list. that's what maryland and virginia are bracing for, a back side effect of the grid lock on capitol hill. if the usa's credit rating goes down, virginia and maryland's may go with it. >> i just wish they'd put country over party. i think both the democrats and republicans are not on the level right now. >> reporter: maryland comptroller peter franchose says losing the state's triple a bond rating would cost millions in payments and much more. >> it will have a very corosive effect on the state's fiscal reputation and it's difficult to get that trust and credibility back once you lose it. >> reporter: in virginia, transportation projects like the second phase of the dulles rail line could be hurt by higher
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rates. fairfax county needs to sell bonds in january for school renovations and a police station. >> potentially, we would have to look at all of the items that would be financed as part of that bond sale to see if we could still afford to do all of those things. >> reporter: with federal contracts and jobs, maryland and virginia have close ties with the federal government. >> it's a lose-lose situation for the state, i hate to say it. >> reporter: right now, they may wish to have a little more breathing room. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. dead lock in dc is packing fees for airline passengers. there are no federal taxes on tickets. you probably haven't seen the prices drop, imagine that. a little bit more information may have an impact on your order, why you could see calorie counts across the country. but first, j-lannounced her divorce from marc anthony less than a week ago but an irish website taking bets on who her
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next man will be. hangover store, bradley cooper and tiger blood himself, charlie sheen or her ex, p-diddy combs.
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 >> there should be one bright spot in the furlough of thousands of faa workers. maryland passengers don't have to pay a federal tax, but as
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fox's tony valdez reports, instead of passing those savings on to you, nearly all the airlines are raising their fares. >> this is an absolute windfall for the airlines and coming at a time when consumers in america are desperately looking for any relief. to get on an airplane these days, you have to pay a fee for everything, to checked luggage to overhead storage or buying food we pay a fee. >> reporter: when the 7 1/2 percent tax ran out because of the political wranglings in washington, the airlines raised their fees by that amount. >> instead of giving us a little bit of relief or throwing us a bone, they're picking our pockets. >> it's a smart trick for them, i guess, but not for me or anyone else that buys tickets. it keeps them in business and makes them more money. >> i would be advising anyone to call your congress man and say call these executives into a hearing and asking them why they decided all together to raise rates when this tax break
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happened because what they should be doing is letting us keep our own money. >> reporter: alaskan spirit are the only airlines passing on those savings to the customers. does knowing the calorie count on french fries make a difference. >> posting those calorie counts apparently is prompting americans to make healthier choices. number 5, a recent study found people started eating fewer calories once they could see the calorie counts posted on restaurant menus. researchers are optimistic that as calorie labels go national nation wide, restaurants will have strong incentives to offer lower calorie options. number 4, we all know it's better to give than to receive, right? well, if you need to relax, give someone else a massage. that's right. a new study finds the person giving the massage can also expect a relaxation boost. number 3 is good news for metro commuters. the agency is replacing these
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escalators at the entrance to the bethes da station. they're working right now, but all three failed last week, forcing passengers to walk up the stairs. they will be replaced in 2014. number 2, biking in dc is getting more convenient, even if you don't own your own set of wheels. the dc transportation department is opening 32 new capital bike share stations by this fall. riders can rent bikes and return them to other stations. the annual membership fee, just $75. and number 1 tonight is your chance to pay any outstanding parking or traffic tickets in the district without having to pay all those late fees. the city's ticket amnesty program runs from august 1 through january 27. it affects tickets issued before january 1, 2010. this is $2010. this is hoping to bring in about 6million in fines. and brian, that's tonight's fox 5 top 5. well, i'm not looking forward to friday, to be honest with you. normally, generally we are -- everybody is -- but at 99
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degrees. >> i think we're warn out from this now especially what we went through last week. it's the last thing anybody wants to see and the last thing i want to tell you about. at least it's not a series of five days. >> any 70 degrees on the forecast? >> only at night. that's been another big part of the story as we look live outside. a lot of these nights have been breaking records and that has contributed to why we have just really not been able to get some cool air into town and not to mention that big old fat heat dome that's blocking any other weather system from setting up shop, but we're going to start tonight with a look at the high temperatures today. you know we got up to 93 degrees but it was a dry heat. unfortunately tomorrow we should be a little bit warmer and the heat and humidity will be more noticeable. we're thinking 94 degrees tomorrow, average is 89. there's that nasty looking 99 for friday which could challenge some records. it will certainly be hazy, hot and humid, and saturday, not a lot better at 79 degrees. this is what i'm talking about. these two days are the worst of
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it and i think days will improve a little bit for sunday and monday and we may just for good measure throw in one or two thunderstorms around this weekend. what about the dew points tomorrow? our dew point right now is 59. that is excellent. it's even below the not-too-bad range. tomorrow, i'll have to tell you we're probably going to see the dew points climbing to become uncomfortable or at least noticeable, so probably will be in the mid-and upper 60s, if not nudging to 70 degrees. high pressure over us tonight, we'll be mild overnight with frederick at 67, manassas at 68, front royal to 66 and annapolis coming in at 70. we'll start with a few clouds that you may have noticed had a pretty sun set coming from a debris thunderstorm cloud to the north. we'll be warm by noon at 89 degrees and lots of sunshine at 5:00 and it will be hot and noticeably humid. you know that we've been talking about the heat returning. it's that big heat dome that's been centered in the middle part of the country. wichita, 111 degrees again today.
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it gets settled here on friday and saturday and we hope it will be something of a retreat as we head into the second part of the weekend. talking about a few thunderstorms here and there, but saturday get ready for that heat index at or above 100 degrees, even up to 105. sunday should be a little bit cooler, maybe a spotty stoerm for a few of us. i wanted to show you the chance for the storm, maybe a little cloud cover. friday at 2:00, we could have a couple of showers around. looks like that keeps on moving and if we get something on saturday, i think your best chance might be south of dc so keep your fingers crossed for that. i know we're all very parched and dry. meanwhile, the heat index on friday, good news, 100 to 105. thunderstorms are a little more reasonable for sunday and monday. monday's temperature 91 degrees but the redskins will be at it at training camp and it looks like donovan mcnabb will be packing his footballs and heading out of town.
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>> good evening. the nfl lockout ended on monday and since then, the redskins have been keeping busy. the d mcnabb's stay in washington is over. the skins and vikings have agreed for a deal to send mcnabb to minnesota in exchange for a 2012 sixth round pick and a conditional pick the following year. paperwork is being finalized right now. an announcement is expected tomorrow. mcnabb will give the vikings a veteran quarterback while they
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groom christian ponder. he had a tumultuous first run here getting benched twice, throwing a career high 15 interceptions in 13 days. that one saga has ended and the skins can focus on albert haynesworth who will report to training camp tomorrow but in the meantime, the redskins have 14 wide receivers, yes 14, resigning santana moss and agreeing to terms with brandon stokely. also trading for gaffney in exchange for garman. he's coming off the two best seasons of his career including 65 catches for 875 yards last year. the skins also agreed to a one-year deal with another 30-year-old white out, dante stalworth. he sat out most of last year with a broken foot and was suspended for all the 2009 season after pleading guilty to a dui manslaughter. the redskins have agreed to
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a three-year $13.5 million deal with corner back josh wilson. wilson should be familiar to those in the area. he spent his first three years in the nfl with the seattle seahawks. earlier today, the skins bolstered the d line agreeing to a $30 million six-year deal. now, the skins are making these moves with the hopes they will finally find a recipe for success. nobody wants that more than chris coaly, who's entering his eighth season with the redskins. >> it's been so hard being here and not being on a winning team year in and year out. i always have goals for myself and i always want to be a great player, but it would be so much more fun for us if we can win some football games this year. >> chris coly always hard at work. to baseball, the nationals taking on the marlins. the nats started down six runs.
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watch this. here's the base hit, he scores, and ryan zimmerman scores, we have a two-run game. your next batter, lance nix had a homer. it's going, going, but dies at the warning track. nats rally losing 7-5. harper has had some growing pains since making the jump from double a ball. but he made a solo shot to right center, the 15th of a year, part of a 3 for 4 day at the plate and harper is batting 250 for the senators. this continues to be the year of the pitcher in the big leagues. today, the angels irvin santana threw the third no-hitter of the season cutting down the cleveland indians. he was facing a team he was 0-6 against in 10 previous career
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starts. last but not least, the orioles are shut out by the blue jays 3-0. that's all for sports. the news edge will be right back. 
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>> taking the edge off with a mystery reveal. the people in southwest pennsylvania reported seeing an unidentified flying object crash land this morning. police say that ufo is actually a remote


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